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Blade Fuse Block with Negative Bus Bar & Cover 12 Gang

Blade Fuse Block with Negative Bus Bar & Cover 12 Gang

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Relaxn’s New Blade Fuse Blocks are the ultimate in space saving design, with a depth of 36mm they can be installed almost anywhere. The transparent cover allows for a quick inspection of the fuses and the red LED indicator to show you when a fuse has blown. The Relaxn Fuse box supports a wide range of blade fuses up to 30A per branch or a total of 100A.

The Relaxn Fuse Block has a storage area that can hold 2 spare blade fuses and comes with 65 assorted labels. 

Compact Design
Designed with limited space in mind, these fuse boxes can fit almost anywhere.
Wide Range Of Fuses
The fuse box supports ATP, ATC, ATO fuses.
Transparent Cover
A transparent cover allows quick inspection of the fuses.
Recessed Label Area
Keep your labels neat with recessed areas for the labels to be placed (65 assorted labels included).
LED Indication
Along with the clear cover a LED indicator shows blown fuses.
Fuse Storage
Each fuse box offers storage for 2 spare fuses.
Max Current
30A per branch up to a total of 100A.
Hardware Included
Supplied with mounting screws, 65pc label set.
Blade Fuse Block



Part No. 302244

Length 132mm

Width 85mm

Height 36mm

Screw Size M4

Terminal Stud Size M5

Volts 12V - 32V

Circuits 12

Max Current 30A per branch 100A total

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