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12 Volt Pressure Pumps

Looking for a 12 Volt Pressure Pump in Australia?

A 12 volt pressure pump is a key component of any caravan or boat. Responsible for delivering water for drinking and showering or emptying water from a boat’s bilge, this device needs to be robust, high quality and ideally come from a specialised supplier of boating and caravanning goods - and that’s exactly Grab Your Tackle comes in.
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We’ve been in the boating, fishing and caravan business for almost a decade, offering high standard 12 volt pressure pump at the best price tags. With our industry-based knowledge and connections, we source all our boat parts online in Australia from some of the top brands and suppliers in the industry, including domestic wholesalers as well as our own GYT branded collection.

And when you take into account our excellent customer service, after-sales care, and tracked shipping that’s fast and free in most cases, each and every customer is guaranteed a smooth, stress-free shopping experience from the moment they arrive on our site.

What is a 12 Volt Marine Water Pump?

A 12 volt marine water pump is a durable device that’s designed for constant use and is a simple way to provide running water to recreational vehicles, such as caravans and small boats. Most pumps used in caravans are at least water resistant, while the pumps designed for boats are completely submersible.

Boasting a compact size, this kind of pump saves space whilst being powered by a standard 12 volt direct current battery. In a typical caravan or small boat, a 12 volt marine water pump is usually mounted next to the freshwater holding tank and is wired to an electrical panel which is connected to a separate 12 volt battery. Generally, there are two hoses attached to the 12 volt pressure water pump; one draws water from the tank to the pump, meanwhile the other leads from the pump to the tap. When the pump is activated, it draws water from the tank and sends it toward the tap.

For boats, this type of pump has another function too; not only does it pump fresh water from the water tanks, but it also pumps collected water that builds up in the bilge. When installed in the bilge of a boat and fitted with a float valve, a 12 volt high pressure water pump can automatically pump accumulated bilge water over the side when it reaches a certain level.

Acquire and Use a Reliable and Effective 12 Volt High Pressure Water Pump in Australia

When you’re out in a boat, you need to be able to access fresh water for drinking and washing, to bale out excess bilge water and to move other liquids. That’s when you need a 12 volt high pressure pump that will allow you to transfer liquids quickly, easily and reliably.

We are aware that boats are often short of space and can operate in rough conditions. Therefore, every 12 volt high pressure water pump that we supply:

  • is of compact size so that it will fit in the most cramped of spaces
  • is usually self-priming and so can be safely run dry without any harm
  • may be selected from a variety of sizes so it can handle the required liquid flow rate
  • has been manufactured to a high standard from high-quality materials and then has undergone stringent quality control testing to ensure it works correctly
  • can deliver high volumes of liquid consistently and smoothly at high pressure if this is required
  • can be manufactured from materials that are resistant to corrosion from a number of chemicals and so is suitable for transferring a variety of liquids
  • is robust and so will perform reliably and well for a very long time without leaking or failing in even the most extreme of conditions
  • will require very little maintenance over the course of its life.

A 12 Volt Pressure Pump that Delivers Consistently

Reliability is what you need when out on a boat because you may be a long way from anyone who can provide a replacement or repair. That’s why all the products we supply including trim tabs for boats, LED navigation lights Australia, and marine hatch are of the highest quality and won’t let you down. Our water pumps are no exception to this rule because they are such an integral and essential part of your equipment

Whatever liquid you need to transfer and no matter in what volume and how quickly, our 12 volt pressure pump will do the job. We have a number of pumps that are suitable for use on boats, in caravans and motorhomes. All can be battery powered and some come complete with tap and mounting so they are easily fitted and quickly ready to use.

Check how you want to use your pump and what it needs to do. Then choose a pump that’s best for the job.

Get Your 12 Volt Water Pressure Pump Fast and Free

Grab Your Tackle is located in South East Queensland, however, we ship nationwide fast and free of charge for most orders including boat water tanks and boat hatch. All orders are dispatched in one to two days, with delivery taking anywhere from one to six days depending on your location. In the unlikely event of a delay in delivery, we’ll inform you directly.

And our reputed customer service doesn’t end when delivery has been made; thanks to our dedicated after-sales service, our friendly team are only an email or phone call away should there be any issues with your 12 volt marine water pump in Australia, which we will gladly resolve as quickly as possible. So, with fuss-free delivery, world-class recreational boating and caravanning accessories including boat bilge pump kit, and superior customer service and after-sales care all just a click away, you can enjoy a seamless experience from start to finish when you order your 12 volt pressure pump today.
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