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Navigation & LED Boat Lights + Electrical

Boat Anchor Light and Navigation

A full check of all your equipment before you leave shore is an essential step whatever type of sea excursion you are heading out on. If you intend to conduct a night sail or anchor away from a designated mooring, you will need to make sure your navigation and anchor lights are in full working order. Boat anchor lights are lights that are illuminated when the boat is at anchor. These boat anchor light is designed to make boating safer for everyone on the water.
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Even if you do not intend to night sail or anchor away from your mooring, you should make sure your nav and anchor lights for boats are on board and working, in case of any unexpected eventuality. On a yacht, the navigation and anchor lights are placed on the mast, whereas on a motorboat they are placed on the stern or the bow. An anchor light is white and indicates the boat is anchored (and therefore supposedly not moving!).

What Kind of Anchor Lights for Boats are Available?

For a motor vessel, we would recommend LED boat anchor lights. LED lights have many advantages – they have a long life span, and they are highly energy efficient. They are better for the environment, and they can function in all types of temperatures and weather conditions. The LED light is mounted on the stern or the bow of the motor vessel, making it simple to install when required and it can be stowed away when not in use.

Our mounts include screws with removable locking pin mounts, suction, and surface mounts. Items in our range of products have a beam angle of between 120 and 360 degrees depending on the particular model. Some of our anchor light for boat can be folded down when not in use and one has a quick release clip, meaning you can use the light as a torch – very practical and handy! They are (as you would expect) water resistant and made from durable, hardwearing materials to withstand the knocks they can experience on a boat. Please read the specifications for each product carefully so you can choose the best products for your needs. Each model will differ slightly from the others.

Ensure you Comply with Regulations by Fitting Boat Anchor and Navigation Lights

Whatever type of boat you have and whether you use it for business or pleasure, you have to comply with regulations. These include the correct use of boat navigation and anchor lights since these are intended to ensure the safety of your boat, you and others.

The purpose of navigation and anchor lights is to make others aware of your presence. This will help you avoid accidents and is combined with a need to keep a look out when you’re underway or at anchor.

What LED Navigation Lights in Australia do You Need?

Lights are of various types and LED navigation lights in Australia are as follows:

  • all-round white light that shows an unbroken light over 360 degrees
  • masthead light, which is an unbroken white light over the boat’s centreline that should be visible from directly ahead through to just behind the boat’s beams
  • sidelights that can be separate or combined lights showing green on the starboard side and red to port
  • stern lights that provide an unbroken white light over the stern of the boat.

The rules for showing lights vary between states and territories. In general, powered boats that are underway require an all-round white light and possibly sidelights if no longer than seven metres and no faster than seven knots. For faster vessels up to twelve metres, a masthead and stern light can be shown instead of an all-round white light while longer vessels need masthead, stern and sidelights.

There are exemptions and variations in some states, and you need to know what they are when sailing any distance. In addition, boats that are propelled by sail or oar may need to show different lights and these also vary by state and territory.

Our Boat Navigation and Anchor Lights are the Best in the Market

As the owner of a boat, it’s your responsibility to be aware of the regulations and to comply with them. If you are out on the water or at anchor between sunset and sunrise, you will need to show lights.

You should always check the operation and efficiency of your LED navigation lights in Australia. They will eventually fail due to age and they can be affected by saltwater so ensure they’re working properly. If not, replace them with something from our extensive range of navigation and boat anchor lights.

The regulations are there for your safety and the safety of others so make sure you comply. If you’re not sure what lights you need, get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you on what you need as we have a wide range of boat parts online Australia including trim tabs for small boats, 12 volt high pressure water pump, and pedestal boat seats. The general rule is the more lights the better because they ensure you’re seen by others.

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