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Boat Trim Tabs

Looking for Boat Trim Tabs?

Are you looking to buy boat trim tabs? As an experienced online retailer of boating, fishing and caravan accessories that’s been in business for almost a decade, Grab Your Tackle is the country’s trusted choice for top tier gear for their leisure and recreational needs.
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Sourcing high-quality boat parts online in Australia from some of the best in the industry, including domestic wholesalers and our own GYT branded range, our boating, fishing and caravan goods are as carefully hand-picked as they are unbeatable in price.

Overall, our excellent boat trim tabs range at the very best prices combined with our friendly service and quick, free shipping means that our customers can enjoy a superior, hassle-free shopping experience - one that sees them come back time and time again.

Trim Tabs for Boats - What You Need to Know?

Trim tabs for boats are metal plates that are secured to the vessel and attached to both sides of the stern to trim tab actuators. These actuators can be controlled either electronically or hydraulically, and their purpose is to keep the boat level as it goes through the water.

Whilst the boat moves, these actuators put pressure on the plates, which then push down against the water, deflecting it and therefore keeping the boat upright and level. If the boat leans to the side on the roll axis, the trim tab for boat pushes back against the water, levelling the boat out again and keeping it balanced. With both trim tabs working in this way on opposing sides, they maintain the boat’s level, compensating from each side if the boat leans too far in either direction.

How Boat Trim Tabs Keep Everything Smooth Sailing

When looking for boat trim tabs for sale, it’s important to know what benefits they provide. Naturally, boat trim tabs serve a wealth of purposes and offer lots of advantages, with the following being some of the most notable:

  • Save fuel: a boat with proper trim works better; it has improved RPMs and therefore uses less fuel, saving you money. It also puts less stress on the engine, which means fewer issues down the line.
  • Comfort and safety: a properly trimmed boat provides a more stable and comfortable ride because it’s well balanced as it moves through the water. Furthermore, a trimmed boat with trim tabs is also a safer boat; weight distribution or prop torque problems are reduced, which helps to maintain an even, smooth ride with less tilting and bumping.
  • Performance: it’s not uncommon to have problems with the bow raising or the stern lowering too much when accelerating, which causes the boat to take longer to reach the desired speed. However, a well-trimmed boat with adequately adjusted trim tabs that raise the stern or lower the bow can help to eliminate this issue, saving fuel and relieving stress on the engine - both of which save you money.

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Why Trim Tabs for a Boat are an Essential Investment

Some new boats have trim tabs as an optional extra to improve performance. If your boat doesn’t have them fitted already, make it a priority to install them because you’ll really notice the difference.

Trim tabs for a boat make a boat perform much better, but it isn’t just about that. They increase the stability of the boat, making for drier trips at speed. They increase visibility due to less spray being created and so they also improve safety. There’s less drag, an improved ride and better fuel efficiency despite the increased speed. Trim tabs for small boats as well as big ones will make the whole experience much better.

Trim tabs boat have steel planes that are mounted on the transom of the boat so that, when they're lowered, the water flow is redirected to create an upward flow that forces the stern up and the bow down. The result is a more even and smoother ride.

With a trim tab a boat gets on plane faster and continues to plane even at lower speeds. You can alter the way the boat rides by adjusting the trim tabs and will, with practice and increased knowledge of the way your boat performs, soon be able to make optimal adjustments.

Selecting and Installing your Trim Tab for a Small Boats

All boats are different in terms of their length, weight, speed and how they perform. Each will therefore react differently to the trim tabs and will require varying adjustments and type of trim tab mount. Before acquiring and installing trim tabs, therefore, you need to ascertain:

  • the boat’s length
  • where the trim tabs can be best located, which may be under swimming platforms or behind ladders
  • the height of the transom where the trim tab is to be located.

This will determine the type and size of trim tab kit that you need.

We supply a number of trim tabs, mounting kits, actuators, extension cables and controllers. That means we can provide anything you need for any type of boat and any installation location. All controller keypads are completely waterproof, and all components are of the highest quality and able to withstand the rigours of marine use. Our high quality accessories include boat navigation, 12 volt high pressure water pump, and marine hatch.

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The One and Only Place to Buy Boat Trim Tabs in Australia

Located in South East Queensland, we strive to get your trim tabs in Australia to you as quickly as possible. Depending on your location coupled with our fast dispatch time of between one to two days, you can expect to receive your fully tracked order within one to six days.

And because we put a strong focus on customer communication, we will contact you personally and directly should any delays occur with your order. Plus, thanks to our committed after-sales service, you’ll have our full assistance if something’s not right.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy trim tabs from us and get out on the water in no time.
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