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Tinnie Seats

Get Comfy with Our Boat Seats For Tinnies

If you have ever spent the day on the water, you will know how important it is to have good boat seats for tinnies. When the water gets lively and boat is at full speed, your backside will thank you for investing in that nice, comfy cushion. Whether you have got swivel seats for tinnies or a static seat, a good seat cushion is a must.
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At Grab Your Tackle, we pride ourselves in delivering comfort where it counts with our range of top-quality boat seats for tinnies. With a range of different sizes and all premium quality, your boat seats will last for ages and look great. From big brands such as Relaxn boat seats, you know you will be buying a high-quality boat parts online in Australia.

Swivel Seats For Tinnies - Comfortable and Durable Boat Seats

We have done the hard work for you and selected the best in cushions for swivel seats for tinnies won’t know what has hit it! A proper cushion can totally transform your day out on the water, and also support your posture. Although it’s a drag to talk about aches and pains, a proper boat seats for tinnies can help you sit properly when on the boat, reducing the risk of posture-related strain and injuries. Also, hours on end on an uncomfortable or inadequate cushion pad can quickly get old, making your experience on the water a whole lot less pleasant. These high-grade tinnies boat seats cushions are versatile too. They can be placed on tinnie benches or even atop the icebox to create even more seating. Make sure you have a five-star experience on your tinnie by investing in some decent boat seat pads.

Buy Best Quality Seats For Tinnies Online in Australia

A day on the boat can end up being a pain in the backside without the proper kit, so if you want to buy boat seats for tinnies online, Grab Your Tackle is here to help. Our boat seats for sale and cushions are made from high-quality fabric, meaning they will be durable against the elements. Lower-quality fabric can quickly degrade in the harsh marine environment, so it’s a much better investment to buy the best you can. The products will last longer and perform better whether you are a daily visitor to the waters or a fair-weather weekend sailor.

Our attractive looking boat pedestal also come complete with press studs for easy installation and contain high-quality foam for the best ride of your life!

Our leisure time is so important for a good work-life balance so do yourself a favour and invest in some proper kit for your tinnie. We offer free shipping across Australia, and also have an interest-free payment option with Afterpay. It’s a no-brainer when you buy from us, as we stock the best locally produced and imported items to make your boating, caravanning, and fishing dreams come true.

If you want to buy seats for tinnies online in Australia, look no further than our selection at Grab Your Tackle. Check out our full range of premium boat seat cushions for tinnies and other boat supplies including bow rollers for anchors and get ready for a great day out!
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