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Marine & Boats Access Hatches in Australia

Boat Hatch in Australia For Sale

If you are lucky enough to be a boat or camper/caravan owner, you will know the beauty of boat hatch. Although the design of a boat is intended to keep the elements out, a hatch can be a welcome addition. A boat access hatch can allow ventilation to enclosed areas while maintaining a near watertight seal when closed.
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Our boat hatches collection is handpicked for its range of sizes and specialised designs to withstand the harshest elements. UV rays and saltwater can play havoc with natural and man-made materials, so at Grab Your Tackle, we stock some of the best and most resilient models of boat access hatch. We also stock replacement latches if you require them for repairs.

A boat hatch is designed around a frame with a hinged door, and can be installed in a boat, caravan, or camper. They are primarily used for access or ventilation, but this can also make them prime targets for entry by thieves. Luckily at Grab Your Tackle, we have thought of everything and in our collection, we have included boat hatches with lock and key to ensure security.

Get Our Boat Access Hatch - Quality Products at a Reasonable Price

If you are looking for a boat access hatch or beyond, Grab Your Tackle can help. We stock some of the best marine hatches in Australia at very reasonable prices. It can be daunting to choose from the vast range available on the market, which is why we at Grab Your Tackle have done the hard work for you and selected the best boat accessories online for recreational boat and camper users. Our boat access hatch come in a wide variety of sizes and colours, offering a full 180-degree opening. This makes it easy to pass items (or people) through the hatch without getting stuck. Our hatches come with one or two latches which can be closed shut keeping the hatch firmly secured whatever the environment. We also have models with recessed handles, keeping everything streamlined.

Our boat hatches are also resistant to UV rays, meaning they are long lasting and robust against the elements. UV rays can seriously damage and degrade materials if left exposed, so it is vital to choose products with in-built protection. We have only selected products that are top quality and made to last, but at an affordable price.

Get Marine Hatch for Easy and Secure Access

On any boat, whatever its size and type, you need to store things, inspect things, gain access to them and provide ventilation when necessary. But, at the same time, you need to keep everything as watertight and secure as possible.

That’s where a marine hatch from our extensive range will provide exactly what you need. We can supply hatches for any type of boat, from a small sailing boat to a luxury yacht and anything in between. They’re also suitable for caravans, mobile homes and various other vehicles. Our hatches are:

  • available in a range of colours so they fit in with most styles and colour schemes
  • provided in a range of materials, typically ASA plastic that is extremely strong and durable
  • UV resistant and not susceptible to weather damage, sea salt or extreme conditions so they won’t crack, fade or otherwise deteriorate
  • supplied in various sizes and shapes so they fit all types and sizes of boat
  • suitable for accessing and inspecting cables, controls, fuel lines and the engine
  • flexible enough to be floor or wall-mounted and in any suitable location.

Our Marine Hatch in Australia for all Purposes

Some of our marine hatch incorporate storage boxes so can be used to hold valuables and other belongings securely. Also included are glove compartments, pocket holders and hatches for a variety of uses. All are completely watertight when closed and will keep dirt out. They won’t crack, leak or rot and may be intended for wall or floor mounting. The latter are strong enough to walk on without damage and are low profile so they won’t cause an obstruction or any accidents.

We pride ourselves on only supplying the highest quality products at competitive prices including cheap boat seats for sale, boat seat swivel, and our marine hatches are no exception. They come with full instructions and everything you need so they are installed easily. They make the best use of the available space and will outlast many other models so the price you pay will be spread over many years.

If you need a marine access hatch in Australia, go through our range to find something suitable. All our marine hatches listed and pictured have a comprehensive description that includes their sizes, colours and materials, fitting details and intended use, so you can choose one that’s suitable. Get in touch if you need any help or if you want to buy a fuel tank, we’ll be pleased to provide the advice you want.

Why Choose Grab Your Tackle for Marine Hatches in Australia?

If you are looking for a marine hatches in Australia, look no further than Grab Your Tackle.

We are one of the best marine access hatch suppliers Australia has available. For the last seven years, we have been stocking the best in locally produced and imported goods for fishing, boating, and caravanning/camping. We pride ourselves on delivering the best experience to our customers, supplying quality products at a reasonable price. We also offer free shipping right across Australia and offer payment plans through Afterpay, making it easy and convenient to order online. We offer same business day dispatch, meaning you get your product quickly and easily.

Check out our full range of products including bow rollers for anchors, caravan hatch doors, and 12 volt pressure pump for all your boating, fishing, and camping needs!
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