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Boat Seats

Boat Seats for Sale in Australia from Reputable Brands

At Grab Your Tackle, we stock a massive range of boat seats for sale in Australia and we make sure we provide the best quality supplies and boat accessories online for hobbies that require dedication and patience. If you’re going to spend hours waiting for a good catch while fishing, you want the seats to be comfortable, right? You want a proper lure, good bait, and a comfortable place to use them.
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If you’re out enjoying the day on your boat, you don’t want to have the peace ruined by something breaking down. Picture it: A good bit of sun, refreshing breeze, calm waters…and suddenly, no working toilet. One of these doesn’t belong.

That’s what we help you prevent with our parts and accessories. You’ll find highly respected and trusted brands in our stock. These are brands that have built their reputation with solid products that outlive their warranty, and then some. These companies have decades of experience in making boat seats for sale that are optimised for your needs while out on the water. In other words, you can buy any part from us including pedestal boat seats and not have to worry about replacing it for another decade or so. Fishing and boating require a certain dedication, and we’re here to provide equipment that reflects that.

We deliver across Australia, and we work with reliable couriers to get orders delivered quickly and carefully.

When Buying and Installing Your Seats For Boats in Australia

There are a few things to consider and remember. These can help you not only choose the right seat but also have an easier time setting it up.

First, before you buy boat seats for sale online, consider your boat model and setup practically and aesthetically. You’ll want seats that look elegant and sleek on your boat, but if you don’t consider functionality, your muscles and joints will not be thanking you the following day. Similarly, if you only consider how your seats offer the right sort of support for your typical activity out on the water, you might walk away with some truly distasteful design choices! The best choices form a middle ground where your choice of seat both looks and feels good. For instance, if you spend a lot of time fishing on your feet, a casting-style seat will probably suit you best. And if your boat is white, your best bet is probably to go with black or brown seats.

Aside from that, consider where you’re installing the seats for boats in Australia and check that it’s safe. This is seemingly obvious advice, but make sure not to drill through any important electrical or mechanical bits below deck! If you own a newly purchased boat or are renovating it, it can be hard to keep track of where everything is, so make sure to double check everything. Some damage may not reveal itself until the worst possible time, and no one wants that.

Finally, be sure to secure your seats tightly. Any nuts you use in the installation should be locked, and you’ll want to test the seats before heading out on the water. The motion of waves can quickly degrade improperly secured fastenings and cause them to come loose suddenly, which is both unsafe and potentially expensive.

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Swivel Boat Seats for Sale with the Best Mix of Comfort and Durability

Get high-quality boat seat swivel from Grab Your Tackle, we want to help you save money without compromising safety. Boat parts online in Australia are not cheap on average, so it’s always best to find a trustworthy and reliable seller before committing to a purchase.

You don’t want to order several seats, including swivel boat seats, from a seller only to find the order damaged when it arrives. You don’t want to risk buying from a brand that looks quite flashy but turns out to be quite poorly made. And you definitely don’t want to be overcharged for brands that don’t actually have the supposed prestige. While safety is always the priority when it comes to boating maintenance, everyone wants to purchase wisely too. We want to help you do just that.

Our store stocks brands that have consistently satisfied customers with their solid construction and reliable hardiness. Our customer service has matched that by shipping orders all over the country, addressing issues with orders quickly and fairly, and answering any questions customers have efficiently to not delay their purchases. If you want to buy good swivel boat seats from a company that will help you select the best one for you, you’re in the right place.

Buy Swivel Boat Seats From us & Find Good Quality Comfort

We’re confident our store has the boat seats swivel you’re looking for. If you have any enquiries, you can reach us at 1800 941 115 or Dont forget to checkout our boat fuel tank collection including boat petrol tank, low profile boat fuel tank, and portable boat fuel tank.

Pedestal Boat Seats Available Across Australia

Are you looking for a reliable pedestal boat seats for sale? We at Grab Your Tackle look to provide for fishing and boating enthusiasts of all levels. If you’re a seasoned fisher of nearly a decade who knows all about the required parts and supplies, our online store is waiting for you. You’ll find all the technical details in the item listings to help you make an informed decision about what to buy.

On the other hand, you may have just bought your first boat. Maybe you only decided to pick up fishing a month ago. If that’s the case, you can still rely on us. As professionals, it’s part of our job to know the ins and outs of what we sell. If you want to buy the right boat parts online in Australia but aren’t totally sure you understand them yet, we’re here to help. You can contact us to discuss what sort of part or accessory you’re looking for and which brand or model will best suit your boat or fishing setup. We can help you decide between our pedestal boat seats

So, why not purchase parts from a seller that cares about your continued satisfaction after purchase? Why not buy with confidence and never have to second guess your decision? That’s what we like to do for our customers.

Buy our Boat Pedestal - A Few Tips for You as Your Browse

We have a few options for boat pedestal so we can help you narrow down your search a bit using the following advice:

  • If you want to change the style of your boat’s furniture slightly, make sure not to clash heavily with what’s already in place. Your new seat can add a sleek new look to your boat’s interior or deck, but it can also look completely out of place. Be careful when trying to match styles with each other!
  • Consider any other items that may complement your new boat seat pedestal. For instance, your pedestal seat will most likely lack storage space. Many styles of seating on boats include storage at the base, so if yours does not, you’ll want that storage space to be available somewhere else. It’s better to ship everything together, but if you forget something, don’t worry! Our shipping costs are lower than most sellers, and in certain parts of the country, our shipping is totally free.
  • This should go without saying, but we do not recommend trying to install anything while out on the water, including your boat pedestal. You don’t want the rocking or uneven movements to disrupt you, especially while you’re using heavy tools. At best, you might get a crookedly installed seat. At worst, you could injure yourself.

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Comfort and Safety with Quality Boat Seats for Sale

For most people who are buying a new boat, the extent and quality of the seating aren’t high on the list of priorities. They’re often more concerned with its performance, reliability, economy and seaworthiness.

Attitudes tend to change, however, after a few trips at sea, especially if the weather is at all rough. After being bounced around for a while, any deficiency in the seating will soon become apparent due to an aching back, a numb posterior and various other complaints. That’s when the need for adequate seating that affords sufficient comfort becomes apparent and even an urgent necessity.

Varied and Competitively Priced Pedestal Boat Seats for Sale

At Grab your Tackle, we have an extensive range of cheap boat seats for sale. Cheap often means poor quality but in our case, it doesn’t because we only offer high-quality cheap boat seats for sale at competitive rates.

Our boat seats are:

  • completely varied, from basic and functional seating to luxury padded seats with arm rests and lumbar support
  • covered in different materials from fabric and PVC vinyl to luxury leather
  • often adjustable, with swivel, rake and height alteration
  • extremely durable so that they stand up to rough handling and the extreme conditions that can be experienced on boats
  • supplied for a wide range of purposes that include helm seats, sliding deck seats and seating for passengers.

Buy Quality and Cheap Boat Seats For Sale in Australia

We have pedestal boat seats for sale and a wide range of other options that includes swivel boat seats as well. We supply seats for all kinds and sizes of boats, from small speedboats to fishing boats and luxury yachts. These seats include:

  • boat seat cushions that can be used to provide tinnie seats to make the best use of available space
  • sports seats that provide extreme comfort for those long days of fishing
  • bench seats that can accommodate multiple passengers
  • seats that fold down when not in use.

All our boat seats locking swivel are covered in high-quality material that is able to withstand the harsh marine environment and is UV stabilised. They’re all designed for comfort and practicality, and to make the best use of the limited space that is often available on boats. We also supply all the accessories including caravan hatch doors, 12 volt pressure pump, marine hatch, and trim tabs for a boat so if you're looking to buy fuel tank or if you don’t see what you need, get in touch. We can help you get the exact seating you need and put an end to uncomfortable boat trips.

Buy Boat Seats For Sale Online in Australia - We’re Here to Help

Buy boat seats for sale online from us as we're happy to help fishing and boating enthusiasts of all expertise levels, so we take enquiries very seriously. You can reach us at 1800 941 115 or Otherwise, enjoy the most convenient shop to find your seat for boats in Australia.
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