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Boat Bilge Pumps

Need a Bilge Pump Kit for Boat in Australia? You’re in Good Hands

A bilge pump kit for boat use is an absolute essential, and as with any boating equipment, it’s important to make sure that what you’re buying is high quality and comes from a highly reputed vendor. This is exactly who we are and what we do; Grab Your Tackle is an experienced online retailer of fishing, caravan and boat parts online in Australia, and has been in business for almost a decade.
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As one of the country’s trusted sellers of affordable, yet top quality bilge pump kit for boat, we apply our industry-based knowledge and connections to source our goods from some of the very best in the business, including domestic wholesalers and our own GYT branded range.

This means that our customers not only get unrivalled products of elevated quality, but also unbeatable price tags. Combine this with our customer-oriented focus, friendly service and shipping that’s fast and free, and it’s no wonder our customers keep on coming back to enjoy a superior shopping experience that fulfils all their boating, fishing and caravanning needs.

What Is a Bilge Pump Kit for Boats?

Before you start searching for a boat bilge pump kit for sale, you need to know how it works so that you know you’re purchasing the right one. A bilge pump removes water that collects in the bilge, which is an area at the bottom of the hull’s interior. Usually, water that collects in the bilge comes from rain, water spray, drainage from coolers or water used when cleaning your boat.

Boat bilge pump kit are rated by their capacity to move water, which is expressed in gallons per hour (GPH). Each rating is relative, but as a general rule, most pumps will move around 60% of their rating. Naturally, several things can affect the real pumping rate, with two common factors being the distance and height it has to move the water, and the type of discharge hose it has. You can also check out 12 volt pressure pump in our online shop. We have a massive range of boating and caravan accessories including relaxn boat seats, boat anchor light, and caravan hatch doors

Order Your Bilge Pump Kit from Australia's Trusted Boating Specialist

Grab Your Tackle is situated in South East Queensland, and no matter where in Australia our customers are, our customer-first approach means our goal is this: getting your goods to your doors as quickly as possible. That’s why every order is dispatched fast within one to two days, and depending on your location, you’ll normally have your boat bilge pump kit anywhere from one to six days later. Plus, delivery is fully tracked, and we will inform you directly should there happen to be any delays with your order.

Also, our customer care doesn’t just stop there; with our dedicated after-sales service, you’ll have our full assistance if something’s not quite right. From the moment you visit our website right through to when you’re out on the water with your shiny new boat bilge pump kit in action, we are with you the whole way. If you need anything at all, we are a quick call or email away, and our friendly team are more than happy to sort out any issues should they arise.

So, with such unbeatable customer service and aftercare, speedy delivery, and superb quality products all just a click away, you can order your boat bilge pump kit in Australia and get out there doing what you love most: navigating the waters.
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