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Fuel Tank  40L 400W x 200H x 500L Stainless Steel

Fuel Tank 40L 400W x 200H x 500L Stainless Steel

$575.00 $646.00

This Stainless steel  Fuel Tanks is built tough and will last for years. Poly tanks are prone to getting holes from rubbing against sand and grit that is between the tank and hull.

Stainless steel tanks are extremely reliable, and made to meet permeability requirements, they can withstand high temperatures ensuring safety in an excessive heat areas.

Fuel Tank Ideal for fuel and diesel.

Solid Construction
Manufactured with stainless steel for strength and rigidity.

Bulkheads Inside
Tanks longer than 500mm contain baffles.

Built Tough
1mm stainless steel wall thickness.

CE Certified
All tanks are CE certified.

Removable inspection port hole, vented cap, stepped 3/4" - 5/8" tail for external breather, 10mm tail for fuel hose, blank 1/4" BSP terminal for a second fuel pickup or diesel return and provision for a 5 hole fuel sender or mechanical gauge.

Part No.374050

Length: 500mm (A)

Width: 400mm (C)

Height: 200mm (B)

Capacity: 40Ltr

Material: Stainless Steel


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